Photo Feature 13th.January. 2018

Our Chair & Trustee Maria O’Hare with Zig-Zag de Tramegueira

Everybody say ‘CHEEEEEESE!’             Photo : Paul Ruffle

London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2018

“Roll Up, Roll Up”
The circus comes to town featuring Chris and Ed Hannaford and their Lusitanos Farao  and Saltibanco. Photo: Maria O’Hare


Earlier in the year Lesley Benyon, Fadagosa and friends having fun on the beach
at St. Andrews, Scotland.
He adores the sea, we have had some fantastic fun on the beaches.

We will Remember them ……..

Emma Taylor with Rchi during the Two Minute Silence at ‘Your Horse Live’, Stoneleigh.
11th.November 2017

Whilst visiting Arizone and Nevada, I was struggling to see any horses until I reached Monument Valley. 
Here, I found myself the nearest to a ‘Lusitano’ in America. It would be interesting to follow his link back in history?
Suzanne took this of myself with Spirit in the Navajo Reservation at Monument Valley, USA.
As I knelt by Spirit’s side, the inspiration that flowed was “Many are the words that are spoken in silence.”

Divertido in Flying Form

Divertido – Hunter Trials Lusitano of the Year & Reserve Versatility Lusitano of the Year 2016
Owned and ridden by Rebecca Turner

Golden Boy in the medals  at Reguengos de Monserat 2017

Sept.2017. Congratulations to Julie Walls and her Lusitano Ilustre, who  returned from an amazing week of training and competing in Portugal  Ilustre took the bronze medal in the CDR FEI Regional Finals at Reguengos de Monserat and so qualified for the Nationals. 

Football Crazy.

I don’t support any football team, let alone play but it is a good game
for the 11 million young people to join in and have a go at, not just the 11 people on the team..

A fleet of Lusitano horses flown by Lorenzo as they fly across the sands at Dublin. 

We took just 6 of Lorenzo’s horses through town, across the main road, waiting at the level crossing as trains passed through before reaching Sandymount Beach, where they enjoyed a good gallop in close formation.

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Behind every Show, every Class, every Rider, there is a Team.
The Iberian Performance Show run by Sussex Lusitanos was another such show run with supreme team effort.
Without these teams, whether those unseen backstage or front of house, these shows would not happen. 
Thank you one and all, your hard work and long hours are much appreciated.
Photo © Jo Hansford 


Lorenzo taking a photo during rehearsals, with the Welsh hills in the background,
of his Lusitanos in the Main Ring at the Royal Welsh Show.
His displays were “out of this world, unbelievable, highlight of the show, worth the admission fee alone” etc

                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Ros Kempe

Prazer eyeing up the Sylvia Loch’s flowers presented to her at the Lusitano Breed show 2017

                                                                                         Photo © Sarah Philpott

Pen-llyn’s Cai and Duque at the MCI Qualifiers – qualifying for Paris!

                                                                                        Photo: Simon Armitage

Tetuã – Mid-Summer Night

                                                                                Photo: Suzanne Kempe

Memories from Watching Trooping the Colour

Watching the superb coverage of Trooping the Colour sent a wave of proud emotion of the various times my Luso Tetuã took me onto Horse Guards Parade, the Mall and the Gates of Buckingham Palace as did Jenny Myerscough’s Violetta in 2016.      Phioto: Paul Ruffle.

I stand with GREAT BRITAIN

 I stand with London (6.6.17)
I stand with Manchester (22.5.17)
I stand with GREAT BRITAIN 
I stand with my people 
I stand with my country 
I stand with my culture 
I stand with my heroes who have won 2 wars 
I stand with my emergency services who protect and save us every day
I stand with my family and friends who are strong and proud and just 
I stand with the stranger in the street whose name I do not know
but who loves this country as much as I do 
I stand with the pensioners who paved the way for us to have what we have 
I stand with the next generation our children who will make our future great 
I stand with those who don’t work and those who do 
I stand with all of you who love our country
and now I stand with the Grenfell Tower disaster  (14.6.17)
now in Portugal with those dreadful raging fires in the Forests near Pedrógão Grande (17.6.17)  ………

‘Bobbie’s Broken Arm Golegã’

On the last night of Golega 2016 it suddenly poured with rain, Richard and Bobbie Chamberlin took shelter in the Veiga cassetta and this lovely horse came and shared the shelter next to them.
He was such a gentle soul and stood close and very happy in a crowd of about 75 people.
This gentle soul was none other than Varão da Brõa, who delighted the crowds at Olympia
being ridden bridleless by Manuel Borba Veiga. Especially comforting for Bobbie who had recently broken her arm.


Emily Evans with Fado at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.    (Photo Jo Monck Photography)

‘The Portuguese horse in the English Countryside’
Rebecca Turner with Divertido    (Photo © Fleur Churchill)

Thank you to the Pen-llyn Lusitanos for this photo 
“They can keep the rosettes, where’s the polos?”   by Sue Whitmore

Photo: John Sutherland


Luso News – Essential Reading!
When the Luso News arrives, I have to admit I spend more time sitting down
in the ‘little boy’s room’ reading.

                                                                                                                             Photo ©

Calling all Lusitanos!
Evangelico (aka Blue) with Jade Clark

Evangelico was one of the very few Lusitanos at the Winter Dressage Championships last week.
He had a win, and 4th at Elementary and Reserve Champion at Medium level.

                                                                                                             Photo © Hoof Prints Photography


Zimbabwue & Prazer

It’s wonderful to see two handsome Lusitano gentlemen greet each other for the first time. Somehow, one feels there is a common bond – a recognition of a shared heritage… a proud Portuguese past.
Both of these stallions were born in Lusitania, both come from a distinguished pedigree – both know they are special!
Thank you to Sylvia Loch for your contribution and Anthony Osmond-Evans for the photo.

Distraida and Grace Donaldson at Windmill Farm.
Photo copyright Paul Ruffle Photography

APSL Team – Equitana 2017
The Portuguese WE display team featured
Miguel Fonseca – Habil de Sena,
Gilberto Filipe – Zinque das Lezirias,
Mario Lopes – Satelite
Eduardo Almeida – Andaluz
Photo courtesy PK Photo Co.Ltd.

Who wants to clean this one??!!
‘Could someone come and sort me out ‘ !
Thank you to Amanda Birch and Emma Fletcher

Helen Dalgaudio’s Stuie, the Mudlark

Samantha Fulton’s Reliquia enjoying Winter Sports

 ‘Miles & Miles of Sand’
Leigh Smith with Calida 
on Belhaven Bay, part of John Muir country park, in East Lothian, Scotland!


Young Charlotte enjoying a sit on Lusitano Sasa. The photo of Cassy Gadsby, her husband Chris and Lottie was taken during their recent visit to Pine Lodge, where Cassy had a lesson on Sasa. Also featured in Horse & Hound magazine.
Sasa had a very distinguished career competing in European and World WE champs with a few different riders before Holly retired him from competition after he won the advanced WE class at the 2015 Luso Breed Show.

Mirror mirror on Windmill’s Wall. Distraida is 8 years old and the kindest mare I’ve come to know – Grace Donaldson.

…. from the stables of Alexandra Downing.

Just checking the Cattle – Doing what Lusos do so well –  18th Jan.2017

 A Merry Threesome this time  –  7th.Dec. 2016

olivia-pileCaptions please!

Olivia Pile’s Xaile being
‘funny peculiar’.

antonio-borba‘Horse Warming Party’
Antonio Monteiro Borba (EPAE) and his wife Tatao came to visit Andy and Jacqui Sharland along with some friends for a ‘horse’ warming party (as opposed to ‘house’ warming). This is a photo of Antonio, Jacqui, her friend Innes and their two 5 year old lusitanos – Gallardo & Goya. Jacqui is the only non-Portuguese in the photo.
justine-armitageNew Kid on the Block
Justine Armitage with new stallion Don Soberano and his uncle Xique de Tramagueira for his first outing since being imported last week. He was having a lesson with Stephen Clarke, who loved him.


There’s nothing to match Luso Therapy             21st. Nov. 2016

Grace is very young girl, who is out there fighting cancer. She couldn’t go to ‘Your Horse Live’, so she let me take her cuddly pony instead to have photos and signatures done. The pony got quite tired and it was soon time for bed! … but not before she had a cuddle with Geoff Billington, a pirouette with Charlotte Dujardin and supper with Lorenzo.
Here she is with two of Lorenzo’s Lusitano horses.


It’s fun wading through the Autumn bracken on a Luso!         3rd. Nov.2016


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