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Thank You to our Main Breed Show Sponsor 2017

Thank You to our Class Sponsors 2017

– An exclusive Club for Iberian horse owners, riders and supporters – 
Including the Spanish Pura Raza Española (PRE) and Portuguese Pura Sangre Lusitano (PSL)

Iberian Dressage Masters Facebook           ***  Click the Links ***             Iberian Dressage Masters Website

Windmill Farm Facebook          ***  Click the Links ***          Windmill Farm Website

Brennan Equestrian Facebook           ***  Click the Links ***            Brennan Equestrian Website

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South Wales Lusitanos Facebook                 ***  Click the Links ***              South Wales Lusitanos Website

Quality Horse Mats Facebook                   ***  Click the Links ***              Quality Horse Mats Website

Flying Spirit Facebook           ***  Click the Links ***               Flying Spirit Website

Realsa Wines Facebook             ***  Click the Links ***                Realsa Wines Website

Lusitano Trail Rides Facebook           ***  Click the Links ***           Lusitano Trail Rides Website

Coudelaria Monte da Tramageuira – Beja – Portugal
The stud currently has eight own brand Lusitano mares, with almost all of the breeding stock being daughters and granddaughters of NILO (M.V.) and OPUS 72 (M.V.). All have the VEIGA bloodline.

Tramagueira Facebook              ***  Click the Links ***               Tramagueira Website


Beautiful Artwork of your Horses and Pets. LBSGB Programme front cover.

Katie Hough Facebook                *** Click the Links ***                Katie Hough Website

Lusitanos d’Atela Facebook           *** Click the Links ***          Lusitanos d’Atela Website

Pakefield Facebook                       *** Click the Links ***                    Pakefield Website


Equine Premium Facebook                *** Click the Links ***                   Equine Premium Website

UK/European distributor & stockist of Manely Long Hair products;
the “go to” place for dogs, horses and humans wanting that show ready look.

Show Ready Facebook                *** Click the Links ***          Show Ready Website

Established in 1988, Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation is the home of the Equine String Festival and Lusitano horse breeding.
Pine Lodge Facebook     *** Click the Links ***         Pine Lodge Website

If you have never done freestyle before, or you have been competing for many years we can help you achieve the results you really want, at this point we still remain in the background to help, so if you want us to, we can come and work with you and the completed music before you go out to compete. Just give us a call and we will be there.
Amanda Birch Facebook                  ***  Click the Links ***                Amanda Birch Dressage Website

The Trickle Net ® is a high quality robust and practical feeding net which we believe to be the best available solution to encourage the trickle feeding rhythm and reduce the forage intake of your horse

Trickle Net Facebook      *** Click the Links ***          Trickle Net Website

“Time to spring clean all the old tack that has gone mouldy over the damp few months.
A quick spray or wipe with Aqueos Tack Cleaners is all that it needs (and will keep it off for months too).”
“It’s time to bring out the Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo.
– Anti-Itch – Deodorisng – Disinfects any cuts or hot spots – Soothes skin irritations – Gentle on skin –
Leaves coat, mane & tail soft – No phenols or alcohol”
Aqueos Facebook                      *** Click the Links ***                Aqueos Website

Charlotte Wittbom Facebook                           ***  Click the Links ***                   Charlotte Wittbom Website


UK Rosette Facebook          ***  Click the Links ***              UK Rosette Website

Ty Canol Facebook         ***  Click the Links ***              Ty Canol Website

Patrick Kempe Facebook              ***  Click the Links ***               Patrick Kempe Website

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