In Memoriam

A page available to Breed Society members for their Lusitano horses to be remembered for evermore.


Born 2004 by Justicero ll out of Arab Galisha.
2004 – 2016

 Zeddy has taught me so much over the years and I had the pleasure of training him from a very powerful,
headstrong and unbacked horse through to piaffe, county shows and freestyle dressage.
I was honoured enough to show him under the watchful eye of judge Sylvia Loch,
and to my surprise she liked him and placed us first in-hand and ridden, thank you.
I have to say thank you to his owners Pippa Windle-baker and Mike Noble. who put their trust in me to train and ride this beautiful boy. Thanks to all who have helped me back and ride him, trained us, looked after him and been support throughout.
Zeloso has really influenced my love of the Lusitano breed and how incredible they are.
Special thanks to Sheila Lowe for being there today and being so kind xx
      Thanks to Zeddy, it’s been amazing 💗💗 sleep tight  x        by Karen Doughty