Display Time

Giving a display may seem a daunting proposition but why not start with something simple at one’s local show, riding club, fete or even to family or friends at home. People just love to see your horses, the tack and the costumes. They love to come and talk to you and your horses.  Gather some friends to join you and put on a quadrille, combine it with smiles, joyous expressions, happy horses and you’re already onto a winner. I like to include a little humour too. Soon shows will start asking your group to appear and most will pay you or at least contribute to expenses. In the South here, we have had great fun arranging displays at some agricultural shows with 8 to 12 riders and solo displays too. In the West Country, there’s a fine group. Wales has keen enthusiasts as does the East of England and other parts of the country, so there’s most probably a helpful person not far away from you. You’ll need friends to help, someone to give a commentary and some music too. Again there are people who will help with this
It’s also quite nice not being judged as in a show class, there’sno entry fee to pay and you can do whatever you choose.

If ever you get a chance to visit Cheval Passion at Avignon in January, please do. It is a large, week long equestrian trade fair and is excellent for learning, gathering ideas and seeing display riders from the up-and-coming to Europe’s finest equestrian display artists, culminating in the finest of fine evening performances, Gala des Crinières d’Or . If I can help point anybody in the right direction, please do ask. Patrick Kempe. patkempe@uwclub.net

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