Deadly Fires in Portugal

Mass Destruction
The government has declared a state of emergency in the forested region
around Pedrógão Grande, north-east of the capital, Lisbon.

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LBSGB Chair Maria O’Hare is working to raise £50,000 following the fatal forest fires in Portugal  
Death toll is rising in what is being considered the worst fire ever to help people who have lost their homes, families, friends and animals. 

With temperatures reaching high 40’s, the fires have started in Portugal and last weekend, in what has been considered the deadliest fire ever started after a dry thunderstorm when fork lightning hit the trees. Many lives of people and animals have already been claimed.
Entire families were trapped inside their cars – there was no escape as the toxicity of the smoke was deadly and
they just perished inside their cars whilst trying to escape.
Many homes and entire villages have been burnt – children have died and many have sustained very serious injuries.

Thousands enjoy going to Portugal either for short breaks, golfing, the beaches, riding or summer holidays.
Let’s show these people that we do care and let’s help them towards rebuilding their shattered lives.

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