Cost of Registration

The Pricing Structure is as follows:

DNA TEST AND PROFILE ONLY – £50 Members £60 non members.
This service is for anyone wanting to have a DNA test and profile for their horse.
It is especially relevant to anyone breeding in the UK from a horse who has a DNA profile in Portugal.
It is VERY difficult to get the DNA profile out of the Portuguese authorities. So offspring of that parent are VERY hard and VERY VERY slow to get registered since it is only with a DNA profile from BOTH parents that APSL will consider registration of an individual.
REPLACEMENT PASSPORTS – £45 Members £55 non members.
Replacement Passports (for damaged passports, passports incorrect, or lost passports of horses already registered APSL, LBSGB Pure Bred,  LBSGB Part Bred, or LBSGB Cruzado,   £45 Members £55 non members.
You will need your vet to complete a V5 outline diagram and sign it. No passport can be produced without this and surrendering the original passport, if you have it. PLEASE NOTE IT IS ILLEGAL TO HAVE TWO PASSPORTS FOR ONE HORSE.  Please ask me for a V5 Form.
IDENTITY ONLY PASSPORT – – £60 members or non members
Identity  Only passport – for any horse of any breeding – £60 members or non members.
You will need Form V5 completing by a vet for this passport. 
CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP – £40 Members £55 non members.
Change of Ownership for horses already registered with APSL with a Book of Births or Book of Adults number in the passport – £40 Members £55 non members. If you buy a horse in Portugal make certain you have a signed PEDIDO which I send to APSL to request change of ownership from the previous registered owner to the new owner. Subsequently you will be issued with a BOLETIM showing you as the owner. THIS IS YOUR ONLY PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.
Change of Ownership for Part Bred or Cruzado horses already registered in the LBSGB Part Bred or Cruzado Stud Books – £20 members £30 non members
INITIAL REGISTRATION – £105 members £125 non members
Initial Registration for Pure Bred horses not already registered with APSL or LBSGB but eligible for registration by having both parents graded and with a Book of Adults number. £105 members £125 non members.
This includes the DNA testing and production of a passport to DEFRA & EU regulations.
Initial Registration in LBSGB Part Bred Stud Book (50% registered Lusitano breeding), or  LBSGB Cruzado Stud Book (1% registered Lusitano breeding) including DNA test and producing a new passport,  as above.
REGISTRATION IN LBSGB PURE BRED STUD BOOK – £55 members £65 non members.
Registration in LBSGB Pure Bred Stud Book,  LBSGB Part Bred Stud Book or LBSGB Cruzado Stud Book of horses already having a passport and documented ownership.  £55 members £65 non members. THIS INCLUDES PRODUCTION OF A CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION – usually for competition purposes of eligibility.
Grading prices remain the same.
(updated 3.11.16)